Here’s a theme I use a lot, it is called “Nirvana” and it is a very trust-worthy theme. It is the best well-supported RESPONSIVE THEME I have yet to find. Also supported by GoDaddy and I have used it for several clients. You can see what I do with it on my own website JeffreyWiener.Gallery as well as YoungMindInteractive.com

I started setting things up a little, and some of SCOTT GOODWILLIE‘s basic info is already in here. So if you change the theme, some content will come along. But I can’t support a theme I do not trust, so please consult with me before changing anything.

Since I have an gigantic archive of digital images of Scott’s work, almost his entire collection, I will be filling the MEDIA LIBRARY his work as you get up to speed.

Let me know if you need any help learning how to use the NEXTGEN GALLERY widget used to create galleries from the Media Library. 

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